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This is your chance to get your pitching video in front of Coach Brent Pourciau with TopVelocity to start making big gains in your pitching performance. Please answer the questions and submit your pitching video. This evaluation is for you NOT to impress us but to help you get better!  Our team of coaches will evaluate you to come up with the best recommendation for you to reach your goals. Your video analysis may be posted online.

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Whats is your birthdate?

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What Country, State and City do you live in?

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What is your phone number?

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What positions do you play (in order from most played to least played)?

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What level of competition do you play?

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What is your height, weight, and any other biometrics?

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Have you purchased any TopVelocity programs or products? If so which ones?

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What are your goals and how far do you want to go in baseball?

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How committed are you to reaching those goals?

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How long do you think it will take to reach your goals?

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What do you need help with to reach your goals?

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What are you currently doing to reach your goals?

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Would you like to help host a local TopVelocity event?

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Have you had any injuries or surgery?

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How many seasons have you played and innings have you pitches this past year?

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What are your plans this offseason? Do you have a coach to work with you? What other programs have you tried?

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Do you have any friends or coaches you would like to refer to TopVelocity?

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Would you like to find out how to attend our training for a discount?

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What is the best day of the week and time of the day I should contact you?

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Please save your pitching video and upload here. To make the file small enough please only upload one pitch at game speed from a side view.


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