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3X Pitching Coaches Program

Why the 3X Pitching Coaches Program is the Ultimate Choice for Coaches

If you're a pitching coach committed to not only improving your athletes' performance but also safeguarding their health, the 3X Pitching Coaches Program is the premier education and training resource you've been waiting for. Designed by experts with real-world experience and academic grounding in sports science, this program offers a comprehensive blend of proven methods and innovative techniques.

The program isn't just another course with textbook theories. It is a science-backed, results-oriented curriculum that offers hands-on training. You'll learn the intricate science of pitching mechanics, delve into nuanced evaluations that pinpoint areas for improvement, and master drills that are grounded in kinesiological principles. Our technology-enhanced methods, such as the Ai Evaluation Reports, provide real-time data and AI-backed insights to help you and your athletes make informed decisions. With a focus on evidence-based practice, this program sets you up to be the trusted authority in pitching coaching—someone who not only knows the "what" but understands the "why."

The benefits extend beyond just the professional sphere. Coaches equipped with the 3X Pitching Coaches Program methods are better prepared to minimize injury risks for their athletes, fostering a safer and more sustainable sports environment. This is the coaching program that doesn't just aim to make good coaches; it strives to make great leaders in the field of pitching.

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Don't wait to take your coaching to the next level. Enroll in the 3X Pitching Coaches Program now and become the coach you've always aspired to be—knowledgeable, effective, and truly transformative. Your athletes are not just looking for a coach; they're looking for a leader. Be that leader. Sign up today and redefine what it means to be an outstanding pitching coach.

What you'll get:

  1. 3X Pitching Beginner Program
  2. 3X Pitching 101
  3. 3X Evaluation System
  4. 3X Mobility Training
  5. 3X Drill Training
  6. 3X Speed, Strength, & Power Training
  7. 3X Velocity Training Walk Through
  8. 3X Analysis Training
  9. Instructional Video Libraries.
  10. 3X Bous Material 
  11. 3X Certifications

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What People Are Saying:

The 3X Pitching Coaches Program has helped me become a high level coach after my MLB player career. Do not hesitate to get started, there is so much to learn!

MLB Pitcher Cody Hall

The 3X Pitching Coaches Program has everything I used to rebuild my MLB career. I was out of the game until I trained with 3X Pitching and in 4 months I was back into Big League ball again. I now use 3X Pitching to coach my pitchers.

MLB Pitcher David Aardsma

The 3X Pitching Coaches Program will teach any coach the method that helped me pitch pain-free following my two TJ surgeries in the MLB. I now use the methods as a coach and it is the best!

MLB Pitcher Kris Medlen