3X LTE Velocity Program with Harness

Learn how elite, top-level pitchers throw 95+mph with their legs, without putting much stress on the arm.

Imagine instead for a minute, what it would feel like to sit into your drive leg like a power pitcher, to not fly open every single pitch or collapse your drive leg as you land your front foot and then all of the sudden your fastball is exploding out of your hand.

Just imagine spending half the time working on your lower half and you are getting twice the result at the end of the day. 

Just imagine feeling all of your weight training transferring into every single pitch. Giving you the power to throw the ball past hitters.


The only device available that will teach you how to land the perfect load position and give you the opportunity to develop elite lower half power.

It is called the 3X LTE Harness which stands for Load to Explode!

It also comes with a ton of drills to help you maximize the gains from the harness. Once you purchase the harness you will get immediate access to the instructional videos series.

This device is a perfect addition to the 3X Pitching Velocity Program and the King of the Hill. It also works great on it own!

Stop wishing you could better use your lower half or you could show your coach you know how to use your legs. Get the 3X LTE Velocity Program with Harness NOW!

Limited supply so hurry before it is SOLD OUT!

3X LTE Velocity Program with Harness

If you are struggling to develop the lower half of an elite pitcher who can Load to Explode a top-level fastball then this is an excellent tool to help you develop this ability. The only requirement is you will need a support beam about 10 feet high that can support twice your body weight. It is recommended you have an engineer confirm you have a support beam that can meet these requirements before using this product. Once installed you will have the best tool on the market for developing the ability to Load to Explode like a 100mph pitcher.

$167 + $15 for shipping