Top Velocity Pro Pitch Analytics

Data Analysis and Video Analysis

Data Analysis

Top Velocity Pro Pitch Analytics brings advanced online pitch analysis to every player, coach, and team’s fingertips. Send Top Velocity Pro your pitch data from any ball tracking device and we will give you detailed descriptions of your pitches. This includes but will not be limited to the positives and negatives of your current pitches, Major League Baseball pitch grades, Major League Baseball pitch comparisons, opportunities for improvement, pitch target recommendations, and detailed suggestions of how you should adjust your pitches to best optimize your repertoire.

Using our methodology Pro Pitch Analytics will be able to customize our analysis for any pitcher at any level. Major league baseball teams and colleges are looking for the best players possible and players who can maximize their “stuff”, Pro Pitch Analytics will provide the direction every player has been looking to obtain. There is no limit to who Top Velocity Pro Pitch Analytics can help.

Many players have used devices like Rapsodo, Trackman, Diamond Kinetics, Pitch Logic, and others. But without an advanced understanding of what the data means, what organizations/colleges are looking for, or a direction of how to improve the data can feel overwhelming and useless. We will be giving you the connection between what you are doing to how you can obtain your goals.

In this day and age, it is very difficult for a player to know what colleges and pro organizations are looking for when drafting or signing a pitcher. Pro Pitch Analytics puts the power in your hands. We will give you an insight not only into your stuff but also the inner workings of college recruiting and Major League organizations. Our team of MLB Analysts brings with it years of experience on the field and in the front office of Major League Baseball organizations. We know what teams want, how they analyze, and how to get players to achieve their dreams.

Let Top Velocity Pro Pitch Analytics be your ace in the hole.

What you get with Top Velocity Pro Pitch Analytics

  • Summary of your pitch data
  • Individual Pitch Analysis
  • Positives of your current pitches
  • Negatives of your pitches
  • Major League Pitch Grade
  • Major League Pitch Comparison
  • Opportunities for improvement
  • Pitch Target recommendations for RHB and LHB
  • Road to success
  • Pitching Tips and Pointers
  • Analytic Language Breakdown
  • Pitch Notes

Note: To do a proper analysis Top Velocity Pro Pitch Analytics needs at least 3 pitches of each pitch type. The pitches should be as close to your average/peak velocity and locations as possible. When possible CSV files are preferred but we will accept screenshots or pitch/bullpen reports.

Video Analysis

Top Velocity Pro Pitch Analytics Video Analysis is for the player who wants a deeper dive into their arsenal. When you purchase our Video Analysis we provide you with all the same great information that is provided by the Data Analysis but we do a full analysis of your pitch grips and ball release using high speed video provided by you.

Having the knowledge of the baseball release and grip gives our analytics team more information to do a more thorough breakdown. We are able to give you a deeper analysis and more detailed pitch recommendations and road to success.

Note: High-Speed camera footage needs to be taken directly from behind the pitcher's hand from a second base position. The video should be clear and a minimum of 480 fps.

Data and Video Analysis are available for individuals, teams, and entire facilities.

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