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TopVelocity is the leader in the industry for developing elite baseball players who have earned the opportunity to play Junior College Baseball, 4 Year College Baseball, NCAA D1 Baseball, Professional Baseball, and Major League Baseball.

This is all possible with the Live, Train, and Showcase program at TopVelocity.

Once you signup you will receive all of your educational material, training programs, itinerary and secure your spot to live and train at TopVelocity for 3 months. If you would like to live and train for a longer period of time please contact us at +1 (415) 877-4850.

Once you arrive at the TopVelocity Facilities, you will attend the TopVelocity Camp as an evaluation and orientation to all your training and showcase opportunities.

Your TopVelocity Camp, Training, and Showcase scheduling is to be announced. For more information please text or call +1 (415) 877-4850.

TopVelocity Camps & Programs

The TopVelocity Velocity Camp and Programs were built to develop the healthily high-velocity throwing, pitching, and hitting athlete. If you want to play college or even professional baseball this program will help you develop the elite metrics that will help you get recruited. A highlight of these metrics will be posted on the TopVelocity Social Media for your exposure. The highlight video will also be sent to college and professional coaches and organizations.

The reason it is required to attend the TopVelocity Camp is to be fully evaluated and instructed through the TopVelocity Programs. This way you will find more success in making gains with the program. Once you have been evaluated, analyzed for improvement then you will be instructed through the programming before starting your training. 

More reasons you should attend the TopVelocity International Programs:

  • High-velocity pitcher/throwing/hitting is an advanced skill. To play at the highest level takes an elite knowledge of the skill and programming to develop it.
  • Velocity in the short term comes with a high risk of injury especially for throwing athletes. Most velocity programs train in the short term. TopVelocity programming covers a full career of training.
  • The conventional wisdom of baseball ignores the proven science to prevent injury and effectively enhance velocity.
  • The TopVelocity Programs are the most advanced training for baseball performance in the world and will give you a significant advantage in the game.

Here is a list of the Online Programs you will receive following registration:

  • 3X Velocity Online Course
  • 2X Velocity Program
  • GFT Hitting Program
  • TopVelocity Nutritional Program

TopVelocity Training

TopVelocity Training includes full access to the TopVelocity Training Facility in Covington, LA. This facility is world-renowned for the unique training environment and production of 100's of 90+mph Testimonials who added 5+mph and broke the 90mph level. The facility has a banner hanging off each 90+mph testimonial which includes players who have played at the NCAA D1 level all the way up to the MLB. You will have the same opportunity to achieve this level and be rewarded with a facility banner. This will give you much more credibility when showcasing your talent to college and professional coaches.

If you haven't already, watch the video above of The Grind. It will give you a great understanding of the training environment at TopVelocity along with the commitment level that is required to become successful. While you are training at TopVelocity you will become a part of the culture and your training experience will also be documented for recruiting and recording this experience.

TopVelocity Living

Once you register here to start your journey to playing college baseball in the USA you will secure your room and board at TopVelocity.  This registration covers three months of living and training at the TopVelocity facilities. If you would like to request more time please contact us at +1 (415) 877-4850.

You will be given a bed and a roommate that you will be living with you at the TopVelocity Dormitory which is across the street from the TopVelocity training facilities. The dormitory is over 9,000 square feet. Here is the list of includes that come with the room and board.

  • Your own bed
  • Temperature controlled.
  •  Internet
  • Game room
  • Meal prep kitchen (Meal prep plans are an additional cost if needed)
  • Cleaning service

The benefits of living on the TopVelocity Campus are the supervision of your nutrition, sleep patterns, and training. This way you are almost guaranteed to make huge gains in performance while living and training at TopVelocity.

TopVelocity Showcase

During month three you will have the opportunity to be showcased to local colleges in the Southern States of America. From Louisiana to Florida Colleges. This will include over 10+ colleges with successful baseball organizations. You will first receive a tour of the campuses and then a chance to perform in front of the coaches privately or with a Showcase team. Your exposure to American colleges will also cover the rest of the USA through social media postings highlighting your skills to all college teams on the TopVelocity Social media accounts. Here is an example of those postings.

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At TopVelocity we have had helped many pitchers get exposure and sign scholarships at the highest level of college baseball and many get drafted even during the COVID seasons that were canceled. These athletes were drafted mainly from their social media highlight reels that we will be developing for you.

Register NOW to SECURE Your Spot!

We have LIMITED spots for housing and training so secure your spot as far ahead as possible. If you have questions or concerns please call us at +1 (415) 877-4850.

TopVelocity International Programs

Secure your spot now at TopVelocity to make your dreams to play college baseball in the USA a reality! Space is LIMITED!  If you need help register please contact us at +1 (415) 877-4850. or on social media @TopVelocity

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