TopVelocity Nutrition Program 2.0


With this Nutrition program, you will be provided the tools and insight needed to fuel your body along with the edge needed to win.  Without this knowledge and insight, many athletes will never reach their true potential and will be saying after their playing days are over, ”If I only had the Top Velocity Program and Nutrition Guide earlier in my career I would have….”.

This program provides you with all the answers and support you need to succeed.  Our bodies do not come with an owner’s manual that details how to grow our bodies fix our bodies, fuel our bodies for maximum performance.  With this program, you now have a guidebook that will produce results while at the same time teach you the basics of how to be healthy for the rest of your life as many players have learned too late in their career. 

The reason most people have no idea about nutrition is that there is so much information no one actually knows where to start.  Many of us are using our bodies as if we were driving a sportscar in first gear.  We knew it could go faster but did not know-how.  We could not find the instruction manual on how to use our body, maintain it, fix it, much less how to fuel it for maximum performance.

As a result, many athletes feel like they missed something or were left out of the secret society.  It's not that hard and we will make you the smartest player on the team after this program.  The only problem is that you will not want to share this information with your teammates.  You will want to keep it a secret for your own benefit.  That’s ok.  

With this program, you will finally have an “Owners Manual for Maximized Performance” of your body.  Now it's up to you to use it. Now let’s get started!  

This nutrition program is designed to provide general guidelines and advanced concepts to help athletes learn how to optimize dietary intake for maximum performance.  Individual requirements can vary significantly depending upon many factors requiring an athlete to understand how to apply these guidelines for the best result.

With thousands of nutrition experts, books, and supplements on the market, it’s a “buyer beware” environment.  It is our intention with this program to provide science based advice in an abbreviated manner that provides the best practices of sports nutrition and lifestyle.  Now more than ever, athletes need to be educated with accurate nutrition information. 

Everyday people buy products looking for a “quick fix” or instant results.  There is no legal shortcut to sports performance.  In fact, many of the short-cuts sold are considered (PED) performance enhancement drugs.  Students buy supplements every day that tout the next groundbreaking supplement which results in a positive test for a banned substance and loss of their eligibility.  Many nutritional/dietary supplements are contaminated with banned substances not listed on the label.  Not to mention not absorbed and pushed out as waste by the body. 

The focus of this training will be to educate the athlete concerning optimal nutrition as an integral part of peak performance and remove the misinformation available regarding a proper diet for athletes.  The foundation of all recommendations in this program is built upon timeless wellness concepts and proven science, not the next partial truth or trend selling a product.

This program is written with the lofty goal of educating the athlete to design a dietary regimen with nutritional supplementation to achieve a new level of physical performance.  This program will empower the athlete with the knowledge to evaluate and modify their current dietary intake and lifestyle practices to maximize their performance.

Every athlete should be asking the question:  “How do I get Bigger, Stronger, Faster?”

Here is the “Why” you should be getting Bigger, Stronger, and Faster!

Today’s athletes continue to get bigger, stronger, and faster than previous generations.  Records and standards increase with every passing year.  This is a direct result of advanced nutrition and unconventional training methods.  The key to increasing your performance, gain muscle mass, burn abnormal fat stores, and recover faster requires proper nutrition and the right training.

Power is king in baseball. Bigger, faster, stronger athletes rise to the top. To compete with the best you need to develop yourself to be the biggest, fastest, strongest athlete you can be. Nutrition for athletes is often the major limiting factor in reaching their athletic potential. You can train and lift weights all you want, but if you have poor nutrition you will cut your progress in half. GUARANTEED! You need a nutrition plan that shows you how much YOU need to eat, what type of foods YOU need to eat when YOU need to eat them, and most importantly a coach that can help YOU make adjustments to avoid plateaus as you continually progress to reach your goals. If you want to increase your athleticism, gain 20-30 lbs lean muscle mass, burn fat, create lean muscle mass, recover faster, and perform at the highest level in this game, nutrition is vital to your success.

Baseball Nutrition Program

MLB bodyweight averages of position players (blue line) and pitchers (orange line)
skyrocketed in the 1990s to 2010 (steroid era). Bodyweight in the MLB is still on the
rise today.

Lean body mass averages increase from every level of play from high school to the
MLB. Bigger, faster, stronger athletes are rising to the top. 

Becoming bigger, faster, stronger is a major piece of every skill in baseball. Let's take a look at some studies correlating body mass to throwing, hitting, sprinting, and fielding performance.

Studies Show Body Mass Increases Throwing Velocity

 “Average body mass for the 54 baseball pitchers was 83+/- 9 kg. Pitchers with larger body mass tended to throw the ball faster than those who weighed less. This is not surprising, as on average, a larger athlete would be expected to create larger forces and a larger body mass may be indicative of more strength.”

-Sherry L. Werner, Relationships Between Ball Velocity and Throwing Mechanics in Collegiate Baseball Pitchers.

Increased body weight increases the total amount of energy that can be ultimately transferred to the ball allowing for higher throwing velocity. In each case, that body weight was a substantial factor it was also coupled with the lateral to medial jump which indicates increased amounts of body mass must be accompanied by the appropriate amounts of power.”

-Graeme Lehman, Correlation of Throwing Velocity to the Results of Lower Body Field Tests in Male College Baseball Players.

Studies Show Greater Body Mass Leads To Better Offensive Performance

“Players’ heights and weights are indexed on the day they are professionally signed; therefore, our results may reflect an increased interest in selecting players of greater physical size over the last decade. Scouting criteria during the modern era further qualify baseball attributes by somatotype, expressing players’ body shapes and growth potential throughout maturity. Typically, physical profiles are communicated by scouts through referencing an athlete’s body type to existing MLB players. The transition in recruiting larger prospects is speculated to be a result of better performances shown by larger players over time; yet, increased anthropometrics in the general U.S. population may also have contributed to this observation. Therefore, we cannot fully determine if both size and skill advanced in parallel, but we can conclude that professional baseball players with greater body mass index appear to perform better offensively.”

-Ryan Crotin, Changes in Physical Size Among Major League Baseball Players and Its Attribution to Elite Offensive Performance

“Undeniably, Major League leaders transformed body mass to height proportions from 1980 onward, for which a rise in both physical size and offensive performance was concurrently seen among baseball’s most talented hitters and that body mass index positively associated to statistical performance over the 60-year analysis. Strength and conditioning coaches are important personnel to help maximize biologic factors through improved quality of hypertrophic stimuli (strength training and sports nutrition consumption) without the use of illicit performance-enhancing drugs.”

-Ryan Crotin, Physical Size Associations to Offensive Performance Among Major League Leaders

Studies Show Larger Athletes Sprint Faster

In the future, the fastest athletes can be expected to be heavier and taller. If the winners’ podium is to include athletes of all sizes, then speed competitions might have to be divided into weight categories. This is not at all unrealistic in view of the body force scaling, which was recognized from the beginning in the structuring of modern athletics. Larger athletes lift, push and punch harder than smaller athletes, and this led to the establishment of weight classes for weightlifting, wrestling, and boxing. Larger athletes also run and swim faster.

Jordan D. Charles, The Evolution of Speed, Size, and Shape in Modern Athletics

Studies Show Lean Body Mass Correlates To Better Fielding Performance

Greater body mass and lean body mass also appeared to be significantly (p<0.05) correlated with the ability to save runs for infielders. Body fat percentage was not significantly correlated. Spring training measurements of lean body mass, vertical jump power, and pro-agility run may be the best predictors of season-long value in runs a position player is defensively worth (UZR/150). Greater lower-body power may expand the coverage range in which a fielder may successfully make plays, and be related to greater throwing ability.”

Gerald T. Mangine, Predictors of Fielding Performance in Professional Baseball Players

Developing yourself as an athlete through an offseason of weight training and good nutrition is the best way to maximize dynamic athletic performance in baseball. If you want to dominate your position and reach your highest potential you need a nutrition plan to reach your goals. This isn’t a cookie cutter diet plan. This is developing a daily meal plan of how much you need to be eating, what you need to be eating, when you need to be eating it and a coach who knows how to make adjustments to avoid hitting plateaus.

What do you get? 

-Nutrition Program
-Quick Start Guide to Nutrition

-The 3x Nutritional Cheat Sheet with Instructions
-On-Line reference for Nutrition Calculations
-Meal Prep and Menu Selection Guidance
-Discounts on Nutritional Supplements
-Over 5 hours of instructional videos
-Personal phone conference with Dr. Pat 
-Coaches personal email address for support

So lets get started right now so you can add 20-30 lbs of muscle this offseason.  This is your year to go into the season as the biggest, fastest, strongest player on the field and elevate your game.


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